Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello Blogspot!

Hello new blog! I've decided to migrate blogs from Wordpress to blogger as it's a lot more convenient to keep track of blogs that I follow as most of them are from Blogspot. I was planning on importing posts from my previous blog, and I did, but the thing is, about 90% of the posts had to be edited to fit the new layout here. I managed to publish 6 entries before I gave up. I'd probably get around and publish all of them though.

Since I missed doing portraits, I got around to working on this last weekend. Used Painter for most of the work, PS for the color adjustments and finishing touches. Random flowers are random.


bariles said...

You are the best in this field Ruk!

What more can I say???


Ruki Trumata said...

@bariles, thank you kuya avel!

Chessy Mae said...

i love it! vibrant yet classy... One day, all these shall be seen in an Exhibit. ~keep up & Believe.

Aivee said...

puede mag "nosebleed" ang mata?! hehe
This is really wonderful, Ruki! I love your art.

Anko said...

Nice work! I love the textures of the hands especially